About Rosangela Pacheco – Artist

Rosangela Pacheco showed an interest in art and drawing since she was a child.
She began her artistic journey when coming across an association of plastic arts of Jundiaí in Brazil at fourteen, filled with intent she stepped inside this new world of art and the artist Issis Martins Roda became her mentor, teaching her all he knew. From that moment he taught her that
art isn’t just a painting or sculpture, its a philosophy with unlimited meanings and powers, it can change a community and send a message and a way to express oneself in a way that words cannot do. 

After learning all that she could learn from her mentor, she began to teach at the association,
teaching people that were new in the world of visual arts. At 25 Rosangela became the
president of the association of plastic arts of Jundiaí for four years, through these years
she worked amongst many talented artists and held various artistic events in Jundiaí.
Whilst working at the association amongst many talented artists she gained invaluable
experience of art and her mentor Issis taught her various artistic techniques and styles of
art. Rosangela won many awards for her pieces in Brazil.

After moving to the UK, she got married and started her family. Since then she has been
working in her studio on various works, all with different themes and styles because she is
an eclectic artist.

Things that Rosangela truly love are discussing about art, teaching art and watching
people marvel over works of art. She wants to show and spread to as many people as
she can the true meaning of art and the beauty of it. She believes that no artwork can truly
have an explanation because for each person who looks upon it will have a different view
or thought about it because an artwork can tell millions of stories.